My Approach

We all have our paths in life we are supposed to follow to find who we are supposed to be, but it’s not always a straight path. There is something inside of us that guides us, and if you are quiet and listen to it, you’ll be all right.      Kyan Douglas 

My main method of working with clients is from the Gestalt model of therapy.

Gestalt is a German word meaning “whole” and points to the central theme of gestalt therapy which sees every individual as an integration of mind, body and spirit.  Each of us has the capacity for healthy living and achieving our full potential.

However, as we move along our life path, many factors can influence the way in which we learn to respond to people, situations, emotions and feelings in order to cope or feel safe.  At times of vulnerability or crisis in our lives, we often discover that our learnt ways of coping or adjusting our behaviour do not serve us well and prevent us from healthy functioning.

Working in the Gestalt model, I endeavour to create open and honest dialogue with my clients in the here and now of the therapy session.  This allows the client to gain increased awareness of how their mind, body and spirit respond to situations and the people around them and to discover what works well for them and where they get stuck in unhealthy patterns.  In doing so clients can understand how they contribute to their own response and move toward healthier ways of responding and living.

Counselling/therapy sessions offer the space to speak out loud the things that you may never feel able to do so elsewhere.