Walk-and-Talk Therapy

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.    Friedrich Nietzsch

In addition to sessions in my counselling room in Hove, I also offer Walk-and-Talk therapy.

I have always known that part of maintaining my own emotional health is through regular walks outside in the elements of nature.  That is why I offer my clients the opportunity of doing Walk-and-Talk Therapy.  Which means exactly what it says, we walk and we talk.

I believe nature is intrinsically good for the body, mind and spirit, especially so when we are struggling with problems. Research increasingly shows that being in the great outdoors can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression, with some GPs prescribing a good regular walk to their patients.

Perhaps you might have tried traditional counselling and it was not for you: walking and talking could be an excellent alternative. Or if you are nervous – as most people understandably are on their first visit to a counsellor – then have a think about considering the great outdoors for talking over your problems.

It does not suit everyone, as many people prefer the indoors environment of a counselling room.  But for those who  may feel constrained or intimidated by the indoors setting of a counselling room, or who just feel they can open up more and be grounded in a wide open space whilst walking, then Walk-and-Talk counselling is a great option.

The walk can be tailored to all ages and abilities and usually take place in local open spaces or along the seafront.

There are some practical considerations for us to discuss if you would like to try this method and we would talk about those at your initial consultation.